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For experienced NJ divorce advice, call on Celli & Schlossberg, LLC  in Morristown, NJ  07960.Sometimes couples come to the realization they should not be married. They have done everything they could to communicate and get along with each other, but all their attempts have failed. Are you finding yourself in this position and are you contemplating divorce? If so, it is very important for you to consult with an experienced divorce lawyer as soon as possible.

The family court system in New Jersey is complex, to say the least.  There are the intricacies of each individual case that must be considered.  How will the property be divided?  Are children involved? What will be each person's support obligations?  Cases are decided each week that may affect the issues of custody, settlement agreements, alimony, and child support. This is why it is so very important to hire a divorce attorney that is well-versed in the constantly changing arena of family law in NJ.

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A Divorce Attorney Represents Your Interests

Don't go through a divorce alone. Celli & Schlossberg, LLC can help protect your rights.When you are working with a good divorce attorney, like those with the firm of Celli & Schlossberg, LLC, you won't be going through the process alone. Your divorce lawyer will be there with you every step of the way to make sure you are getting the best legal advice. Divorce can be an extremely traumatic and trying process as you go through the issues of dividing and distributing property, finding new living accommodations, coming to a decision on child visitation and support, the list goes on. A lot of negative emotions begin to surface during the process. When you hire the firm of Celli & Schlossberg, LLC, you have an experienced divorce attorney. Rest assured, we have been down this road with many clients before and can help you negotiate these contentious situations.

When it comes to dividing your property, a divorce court will attempt to divide the marital assets in the most economic way possible. The court will ask about each individual's financial circumstances as well as their financial plans for the future. Each case is different, and as such, the court's determination of distribution is different.  That is why it is so difficult for divorce attorneys to predict the outcome of a case. If you are aware of this fact, you can ask your divorce lawyer at Celli & Schlossberg, LLC to help you negotiate and settle an agreement with your spouse ahead of time.

The courts also determine a couple's support obligations, whether it is child and/or spousal support. In NJ, the court system has Guidelines to help determine child support. Alimony, however, is a much more complex issue which is decided based upon the specific facts of each case (see FAQs about Alimony).  The other main function of the court system is to set child custody and visitation issues.  While a judge makes his or her decision based on a set of factors designed to promote the “best interests” of a child, it is often best, especially for the children, to have the divorce attorneys work with each spouse to develop a cooperative child custody agreement. 

If you are considering filing for a divorce, you need a good divorce attorney. Call us now.

The Divorce Lawyers at Celli & Schlossberg, LLC Are Ready to Help

The divorce lawyers at Celli & Schlossberg, LLC have the needed experience in family law matters. Divorce can be less agonizing when you work with attorneys like those with Celli & Schlossberg, LLC. Not only are they familiar with the family court system, they are also trained mediators and have been approved for admission to the roster of Mediators for Economic Aspects of Family Law Cases administered through the New Jersey Superior Court. Because of this training, they will counsel you on the relevant issues of your case and will help you approach your situation with reason rather than emotion. In doing so, your chances of creating a workable agreement with your spouse will be greater and there will be fewer traumas for all involved.

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