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Charged in New Jersey with DUI or a Speeding Ticket? The Lawyers at Celli & Schlossberg, LLC Can Help

Celli & Schlossberg, LLC are experienced traffic law attorneys who can help if you have too many speeding tickets.Many people believe they can easily represent themselves in municipal court and they do not hire a lawyer for a traffic ticket violation. While this is allowable, it may not be in your best interest. When it comes to a misdemeanor or traffic violation, an attorney will be able to represent your case in the best possible manner.

The New Jersey municipal court attorneys at Celli & Schlossberg, LLC have extensive experience in dealing with cases involving Driving Under the Influence (DUI), drug offenses, trespassing, assault, and harassment, as well as speeding tickets and other driving infractions. In fact, our lead municipal court attorney, Vince Celli, served as a Municipal Court Judge. Whether it is a misdemeanor offense or a speeding ticket, our lawyers know the law.

Too many speeding tickets? Contact the NJ traffic law attorneys at Celli & Schlossberg. LLC.

If You Need a Lawyer for Traffic Tickets, Call Celli & Schlossberg, LLC

Don't go to court alone; an experienced traffic ticket lawyer can help you in municipal court.If you must go to court for a speeding ticket, a lawyer will help you understand the process. Charges brought in NJ municipal court can have serious penalties including the payment of fines, suspension of your driver’s license, or even jail time. As experienced traffic violation attorneys, we will help you understand the process. Find out more about our municipal and speeding ticket lawyers.

When you are dealing with a traffic violation like a speeding ticket, your lawyer will work to have your case reduced to the lowest level offense with the lowest level fine. When you represent yourself, you take a chance. With the representation of an experienced traffic law attorney, you will have a better outcome.

Contact us if you need a traffic ticket lawyer.

Our Traffic Violations Attorneys are Ready to Assist in Your Case

An experienced traffic ticket attorney can help you in municipal court.If you are in need of a lawyer for a traffic ticket or any other municipal violation, contact us right away. You have certain rights and protections under the law, even when it comes to a simple traffic ticket. Our attorneys will provide you with experienced and unwavering defense.

Contact an experienced traffic violation lawyer at Celli & Schlossberg, LLC.


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