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A Child Custody Lawyer Can Help You Get What is Best for You and Your Children

Celli & Schlossberg, LLC are experienced lawyers for child custody in New Jersey.When it comes to child custody, often heard is, “We can’t seem to agree on parenting time!” Issues surrounding custody and parenting time are probably two of the most difficult to address. Child custody battles can be emotionally intense with each parent believing he or she would provide the ideal home life or make the best decisions for the child. An experienced child custody attorney can help you sort out all the issues so you and the other parent can do what is most advantageous for your child.

There are a number of different ways you can arrange custody and parenting time. A child custody lawyer will help you understand the difference between legal custody (who makes decisions) and physical custody (who provides the residence). There are options like, joint legal custody, shared legal custody and shared physical custody. The best way to find out your rights is to work with experienced child custody attorneys, like those at Celli & Schlossberg, LLC.

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Celli & Schlossberg, LLC Are Experienced New Jersey Child Custody Attorneys

Celli & Schlossberg, LLC are experienced attorneys for child custody in NJ.In New Jersey, the courts will assist you in resolving child custody and parenting rights on your own. You will attend a parenting education workshop and will also participate in a mediation program provided by the court free of charge. If, after participating in mediation, you remain unable to resolve this issue, the court will typically appoint a mental health expert. He or she will prepare a time evaluation (at your expense) and make a recommendation on parenting and child custody.

Lawyers with knowledge and experience in family law matters can help you set realistic expectations. If you are in need of an attorney for child custody, he or she will know what items the court will consider based on NJ statutes. The attorneys at Celli & Schlossberg will be there with you every step of the way educating you on the process and the law. The goal of our lawyers for a child custody issue is to make you a partner in your representation. You will then think more clearly and react in the best interests of your child.

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