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Celli & Schlossberg, LLC are experienced attorneys for child custody in NJ.Are you dealing with matters involving child support? If so, you are not alone. Every day divorced couples are struggling to find resolution in this area. The way in which you handle the matter can make a difference. This is why you will find it is best to work with an experienced lawyer for your child support issues.

The State of New Jersey has directed the use of certain Child Support Guidelines. These are used to calculate, with a fair degree of accuracy, the amount one will have to pay for child support. Lawyers experienced in family law matters, like those at Celli & Schlossberg, LLC, will be able to educate and direct you in the process.

Celli & Schlossberg, LLC are experienced New Jersey child support attorneys.Despite having the guidelines, calculating child support is not a simple matter. A parenting schedule must be established and the income of both parties must be known. With this information, a Guidelines worksheet can be completed so the appropriate level of support can be determined. Changing even one number in the calculation could have a dramatic affect on the outcome. This makes it vitally important to work with an experienced family law attorney for child support matters.

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Celli & Schlossberg, LLC child support lawyers are knowledgeable about the NJ guidelines for support.It is important to know your rights when it comes to any legal matter, but this is especially true when it involves child custody. The attorneys at Celli & Schlossberg, LLC have an excellent command of the NJ guidelines and will help you understand the intricacies of child custody. Our attorneys have been through this process with clients many times. As experienced attorneys for child custody, we realize that not all divorces are resolved amicably. We will direct you to the most beneficial ways to make arrangements for the welfare of your child.

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